Weight loss exercises 10 kg per week

Weight loss exercises 10 kg per week

Weight loss in a week

 Many programs are believed to help lose weight in a few weeks, but most of these programs and 

diets are ineffective, and in some cases are unhealthy and dangerous to the human body. It is very 

important for a person who is trying to lose weight quickly and healthfully follow the principles of a 

healthy diet In the long term, is the combination of eating less food and exercise, as this method is 

best for short-term weight loss and long-term maintenance and health experts agreed that the healthy 

weight loss ranges from half a kilogram to K Approximately one kilogram per week and the rate of 

weight loss may increase a little more while maintaining a healthy and healthy diet, and this loss can 

be insufficient when trying to lose weight fast, but must adhere to a weight loss equivalent to the 

health limit; Health problems.

Time to exercise

Higher calories are burned when aerobic exercise is compared to strength or resistance exercises that 

help the body build a larger muscle mass. However, exercise should be considered as part of a 

successful weight loss program. The most important goal is to maintain weight stability after loss

 and to lose. About half a kilogram of weight needs to burn 3,500 calories, which is equivalent to walking
for six hours. If a person burns 300 calories in one exercise, he needs 12 training to burn half a 

kilogram, and if a person reduces 300 calories from food It is covered by Today, in addition to 

burning 300 calories by exercise, this will take half of the time required. To lose weight in a healthy 

way, moderate exercise should be practiced for at least 200 minutes a week, ie 30 minutes a day, With 

exercise for at least 150 minutes per week, equivalent to 20 minutes per day, and it is best to scale the 
number of minutes spent in exercise up to 200 minutes per week

Exercises to lose weight

  It is worth mentioning that the more difficult to exercise, the increased calories burned by the body, 

but will increase the speed of fatigue, so you must balance the exercise, and you have to know that 

the number of calories burned by the body during the exercise is affected by the current weight,, Sa

ex, heredity, while the best aerobic exercise for weight loss in the shortest possible time:


 Jogging is one of the most difficult and effective exercises in weight loss. The main muscles of the bodywork during jogging and the burning of the highest calorie needs to increase speed, as well as jogging when the heights rise. Jump rope: Jumping on the rope is one of the exercises that burn very large calories and lead to the movement of a large group of muscles of the body, it should be noted that ten minutes of jumping rope burns calories equal to twenty minutes of jogging.

For High-Intensity Interval Training:

 It is one of the strategies used to burn higher calories in a shorter time by maintaining a high heart rate, which means burning more fat in a shorter time. This training includes a wide range of high-intensity exercises, The practice of this type of training raises the metabolic rate (Metabolism) in the body for up to 24 hours after the sport, meaning that the body continues to burn more calories in rest periods and the rest of the day, and usually this training takes 30-45 minutes in the gyms Instead of a full hour.

Strength training strength exercises:

 These exercises usually consist of a combination of Anaerobic exercise, help to increase strength, build muscle, raise metabolism, burn calories, and include a wide range of exercises, such as weight lifting exercises such as Deadlift, Squat, And exercise pressure, and advised to do these exercises twice a week to increase muscle mass, and burning fat.

 Low-intensity aerobics:

 Although high-intensity training burns high calories, low-intensity exercise is an effective way to help weight loss as well. It helps to facilitate more difficult exercise, reduce injury and fatigue, improve metabolic rate, and perform longer periods.


 Swimming helps to burn high amounts of calories and increase muscle strength, depending on the swimming speed and weight of the person.


 Regular cycling or hard bike can be done, and the speed of rising of the highlands can be increased by bicycle; to increase resistance, and to burn more calories. Yoga: Some intensive yoga exercises help burn high calories and help increase concentration and deep breathing. Improve sleep, and relieve stress; these are essential for weight loss.

It is worth mentioning that the combination of different types of high and low-intensity exercise, yoga, etc., will give the best results, and it is also important to give the body a day of rest to restore muscle well-being and strength
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